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Are you looking for honey select mod? Then you have come to the right place to get honey select unlimited mods & honey select cards also honey select character cards.

What is honey select:

Honey select is a fantasy type game where you can create/develop characters with 10000+ customizations available for voice, dress, looks etc.

You can create unlimited numbers of unique characters in honey select unlimited game. The character you create can have so many emotions which depends on how you take decision while playing the game.

Day by day as you will continue playing, lastly you can take your characters to beautiful locations and you can spend some quality time with your characters while having a close experience.

Honey select Mod:

As you know nothing is free in this world so just like that for honey select also there are some limitations. But no worries we have the honey select mod for you where you can get honey select hair mod, honey select futa mod, honey select slider mod and many more but first you should know what are the honey select mods you can have in the honey select mod packs.

Types of Honey Select Mods:

Here are the list of honey select mods you can have to enjoy some more quality time with your characters.

  • honey select futa mod
  • honey select hair mod
  • honey select futanari mod
  • honey select slider mod
  • honey select shota mod
  • honey select unlimited mod
  • honey select furry mod
  • honey select wide slider mod
  • honey select uncensor mod
  • honey select pregnant mod
  • honey select loli mod
  • honey select pov mod
  • honey select uncensored mod
  • honey select english mod
  • honey select vr mod
  • honey select clothes mod
  • honey select dance mod
  • honey select pregnancy mod
  • honey select adjust mod
  • honey select bone mod
  • honey select animations mod
  • honey select 2b mod
  • honey select skin mod
  • honey select character mod
  • honey select unlimited futa mod

Honey Select Gameplay & Story:

In this game there is only one story and that is you have to create your own dream girl and lastly you will spend some best of best quality time with them. You will be in a hotel & you will choose/create the girl with whom you gonna spend that night in hotel. The best part of this game is the character creation tool. Literally you can create you dream girl however you want from her toes to head as per your dreams & requirements. People can replicate anyone using those character building tool, some boys create characters just like actresses to have some more fun.

Now talking about the gameplay of honey select, that is the main part of the game. You can do anything with your dream girl in any manner you like. The girl you have created can have multiple response based on your moves in the game.

Honey Select Mod Downloads:

As we discuss above there are honey select mods for everything be it hair or skin you will have a mod for it. Considering that I will tell you how you can get honey select mod downloads & also you will get to know how to install honey select mod.

Honey Select clothes mod:

Here you will get tons of clothes for you dream girl even you can create the dress as per you requirement.

Honey Select hair mod:

In this mod you will design the hair of your character as you like whether it is straight or curly based on your dreams you can have it.

Honey Select bone mod:

As I told you earlier you can customize anything you want so just like that you can even customize the bone of your character.

Honey Select dance mod:

You will surely want to see your dream girl dancing right! for that this honey select dance mod is there where you can make your girl dance as you like to see.

How to download honey select mods:

As you all know finding a mod for any game is pretty much difficult but don’t worry, follow the below steps to get your honey select mods pack for you dream girl!

honey select mods packs

1. Go to google.com
2. Search for “honey select mod packs” or you can be specific like “Honey select _____ mod”
3. You will see so many mods but be sure you have not landed on a fake mod site. Here are some trustworthy & working honey select mods providing site

  • Starlene Mod
  • Roy12mods
  • Gamepcfull


How to install honey select mods:

Installing mods can be difficult and time taking for sometimes. For that reason I have listed down the best way for you where you can install the honey select mod easily without any obstacles.
Step1: Make sure you have Turned OFF your antivirus as this can hamper the Mod installation.
Step2: Download the Honey select mod packs & extract them via WinRAR or using any Zip extractor software.
Step 3: As you have downloaded the honey select mod pack now extract the same to the Mod folder of the game.
Step 4: Now open the game & run the file for the first time which has the “.bat” extension.
Step 5: Now run the “setting.exe” file to configure & customize the settings.
Step 6: Now run the game file i.e. the “GAME-NAME.exe” file.
Step 7: ENJOY!!


Sometimes the game will not work due to mod so better to block the game .exe file from internet in the windows firewall.

Honey Select system requirement:

As this is a quite big size game it is advisable to have a 64 bit processor & windows 7 operating system with Intel Core i3 4000 / Intel Core i5 4000. 4 GB of RAM is sufficient with a 2GB graphics card.
Make sure that the storage space available on your device is minimum 10GB with a DirectX soundcard compatible.

Please follow the below steps before you start using honey select mods pack:

1. Rename the folder of your game directory for short and simple (example: D:/honeyselect2)
2. Run “[BR] HoneySelect 2 Registry Fixer.bat” to reg
3. Start the game once through the launcher (InitSetting.exe), this will check for errors and fix them as well before starting the game.

Honey Select Mods Conclusion:


For any of the game it is not suitable to use the mod pack but playing without full features is also boring. So taking care of that we have directed you how to download honey select mods such as honey select futa mod, honey select hair mod, honey select pregnancy mod , honey select slider mod & many more.
We hope you like that & if still you want something else feel free to comment down below, we will be glad to help you out! Thanks!

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