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Hi! Are you looking for bird identification apps uk? Then you must be a bird lover or like to Bird watching/birding just like me.
Nowadays in UK more people are watching bird as due to lockdown more unique birds are coming from many places.

Being a bird lover it is quite difficult to identify each & every birds we see, as we are familiar with only few birds like sparrow, pigeon & crow etc. and due to that more and more people are started searching for best bird identification apps uk.

And looking into that requirement we have come up with best bird identification apps in uk that you should try.

Professional bird watchers use books and notes to identify birds but gone are the days, now we have so many bird identification apps which we can use easily to identify birds.

The bird identification apps we are going to suggest you now are not only bird identification apps for iPhone but also bird identification apps for android.
We have made this bird identification apps uk list by asking people who love birding and as per their recommendation this are the best bird identification apps uk considering ease of use and interface.

Bird Identification Apps UK:

1. Merlin Bird ID

Merlin Bird ID

On the list of best bird identification apps uk the first one we have is Merlin bird id. This is a great free best bird identification app which is available in both Android and IOS.

If you are just starting over in birding then this app can be a gem for you. If you spot any bird then you can identify it in Merlin by just giving 3 answers, First the size of the bird then what was the color of the bird & 3rd what the bird was doing means eating something or was swimming or was on the ground. After answering this 3 question you will get a list of birds on which your bird will be there most probably.If you still can find the bird then no worries you have more options too.

You will get more 2 ways to identify your bird, one is by photo searching and another one by sound ID. In this app you will get Realtime sound searching by just recording the bird sound the app will detect its voice can can give you a match of that bird. And by photo searching you can take picture of that bird and app will detect possibly which bird that can be.

You can also save you bird list those you have discovered and later sometime you can enjoy your memories of birding! Not just that you will have a list of birds too that are more likely found in your area by detecting your location but it has a limitation to US and Canada only, anyways sooner or later UK will also be added.
Due to this lot of features and great easy to use interface Merlin Bird ID is in the first position of bird identification apps.

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2. EBird

On the list of best bird identification apps uk in the second position we have EBird. This is one of the best free bird identification app uk also it is completely easy to use, most of this type apps are paid but this one is free. Ebird is beginner friendly which let you know your bird very fast & easily.

There will be one situation when infront of you, there will be some birds & being a bird lover you will try to find its species but sadly due to lack of knowledge you can’t. At that moment this type of bird identification apps come into play.
In this app you can tag the location where you have found that bird, due to this many bird lovers like you also can see that someone has spotted a bird on that location. You also can see others tagged location.

Here there is also a point system on locating birds. One can see the top bird identifier on any specific are or country, this will not only help you to identify birds but also you will get a data about the birds find on that location. This is one of the best bird identifier app in uk which will let you socialize with the people with the same interest like you i.e. birding!

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3. Bird Id – British Birds

Bird Id – British Birds

Bird Id – British Birds app is in the 3rd position on the list of best bird identification apps uk.
This app is specially made for the people of United Kingdom, here you can find all the RSVP counted birds. It has all the data of domestic birds and international Birds. Also this has a specific data for migratory birds which come only on some specific season. This is a paid app but trust me it is what single penny you pay.

Once you download this app you can use it without internet connection for any data conception. This app already has the data stored in it once you download it from the play Store or Apple Store.

Using of this app without internet make is app one of the best RSPB bird identification app. It has the great quality images of the birds also their songs their calls and locations where they will be probably be found. You will find all the information be it a ecological or taxonomical every single details of the bird are provided here by professional ecologist. Not only you will find the details of the bird from UK but also it has all the data of the boards from the British isles (Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland) and Eire

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4. Birds of Britain Pro

Birds of Britain Pro

On the fourth position we have Birds of Britain Pro which is also a paid app but like the above this is also a great app for bird lovers. This is a specific bird identification app in UK.

It has the of more than 300 plus Birds which are found around UK. It has great images and written text about the birds also their songs and calls with variety of pictures. This has also the data of the birds which had ever visited to united Kingdom or likely to be visiting to United Kingdom in future, isn’t it a great feature?

Birds of Britain Pro has quality images of each bird showing their male, female and Juvenile version. It has also the image of its nest and flight. Also this will so you how the bird is different from other species.
Birds of Britain Pro has quality images of each bird showing their male, female and Juvenile version. It has also the image of its nest and flight. Also this will so you how the bird is different from other species breaking down by their habitat looks diet lifespan and many more points

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5. Collins British Bird Guide

Collins British Bird Guide

On the fifth position we have Collins British Bird Guide which comes under one of the best bird identification apps in UK. In this app you will find the most commonly seen Birds around Britain.
This has a search feature in which you can search for a species of bird by their looks, location, time of the year and sound. This app will also provide you detailed data of any bird with their different songs and calls.

Having this on your phone will always have a comprehensive field guide in Britain. It is beginner friendly and easy to use which covers almost all the commonly visible birds found in UK. You will also find the breeding and wintering map data of birds as a bonus in the description part. Most people love this app because of its best working search feature you will probably be getting your desired bird details from the third letter itself.

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Best Bird Identification Apps UK Conclusion:


Above we have mentioned all the popular RSPB bird identification app which we are pretty sure you will gonna love those. We have tried our best to suggest you the best bird identification apps UK from which some are completely free and some are paid but trust us if you choose any paid app those will be worth every single penny you paid. Investing something on your passion/hobby will surely help you a lot on finding or identifying your favorite bird easily.

By using those apps we are sure that you will definitely find your bird for which you are searching for. All those apps have a very huge data of birds including their looks, images, videos, sounds, location and many more.

We hope that you have liked those best free bird watching app uk & best bird identifier app uk, do let us know in comment section if you want anything else.

Happy Birding!

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